Jesus and Management

There’s probably enough in that title for a whole book. Which is sort of why I
bring it up having just read this review about a book on the subject over at

5. “Jesus CEO” by Laurie Beth Jones (Hyperion, 1995)

Publisher’s blurb: “By harnessing three categories of strength behind Jesus’ leadership techniques (the strength of self-mastery, the strength of action, and the strength of relationships), each of us can become the empowered leaders that the next millennium will require.”

Excerpt: “I believe that Jesus had to go into the wilderness to find out who he was — that a wilderness experience was as much a part of his shaping and destiny as it is yours and mine.”

Why it’s overrated: While many managers think they’re God and manage accordingly, the historical Jesus espoused a communal lifestyle in direct opposition to (Roman) capitalism.

Read this instead: “The Book of Proverbs” (in the Bible)

Why: A collection of wisdom that completely transcends religion.

Excerpt: “Better a dry crust and with it peace than a house where feast and dispute go together.”

On the subject of proverbs I would also recommend ‘Making Life Work’ by Bill Hybels . Based on Proverbs there is lots of helpful advice. Hard reading but rewarding to put into practice

Eight Things I Think Every Worship Leader Should Know

Perry Noble dot com » Blog Archive » Eight Things I Think Every Worship Leader Should Know

Some good advice here. I might add some hard advice. I recognise the need for a base level of talent in worship groups but should that be a reason for excluding someone with a right heart for worship with an instrument even though they are not very good?
Either way, the calls for studying Scripture and good teamwork are something we can all learn from.

Getting a sermon series noticed

How to Promote a Sermon Series Like Fellowship Church |

Fellowship Church (Grapevine, TX) is starting a new sermon series this weekend called that will challenge people to consider how they need to change for the better. Here 7 ways they are promoting it:
Sermon website, Online Guerilla Marketing, Short films, Promotional Packets, billboards, direct mail, e-invites

Some great ideas here, especially creating a mini site with a relevant domain name. I’d love to try some of these out but I have a feeling they are a bit much for some smaller churches. Still, Aim high and all that…